Ancient Beehive Tombs Of Oman & The Mystery Surrounding Them

A small yet majestic country in the Middle East, Oman has several mysteries ready for you to unfold. One such impressive archeological site that attracts flocks of tourists from across the world has to be the Beehive Tombs.

Beehive tombs are located in Qubur Juhhal at Al-Ayn, which is just about 22 kms away from Bat. The proto-historic site is something you must visit during the Oman Tour, which opens a whole new world in front of you. So, take a look below as we bring you all the important information right here. Read on.

Background of Beehive Tombs

The beehive tombs of Oman are located about 15 miles away from Ibri. Nestled amidst the mountains, this archeological site, and the necropolises, give us a glimpse of the high level of civilization that was present back then. When you visit the site during the Oman tour you will witness more than 100 tombs that stood the test of time. And the reason why they are known as beehive tombs is that they are all shaped like beehives.

If you try to dig deep into their history, very little is known about them, other than the fact that they are supposed to be constructed somewhere between 3000 to 3000 BCE. However, according to the report by New York University, the writings on the wall in the world talk about the land of Magan in Mesopotamia and also document the intense attraction Mesopotamia’s kings had for Magan’s resources.

The report also walks us through other information, which shows that ceramics and other items that were curated in Mesopotamia and Iran were found in tombs across Oman.

According to UNESCO, these tombs are divided into two groups. The smaller chambered tombs which have walls were to be built in the 3rd millennium BCE while more elaborate chambers in the beehive tombs were said to be constructed in the mid of the 3rd millennium BCE.

The sites also include irrigation systems and towers where it doesn’t cease to wonder how such monumental structures were constructed back then.


Today, the site has gained a popular reputation where both the common crowd and the archeologists want to visit it. It is an amalgamation of mystery and awe that you must take part in when traveling to Oman. Now, one of the other reasons why these tombs are even popular is that no burial remains have ever been discovered from the tomb.

Where Are They Located?

The tombs are distributed in three clusters, where one is present in Bat, and the other two are in Al-Ayn and Al-Khutm. While the most popular site is in Bat, the most well-preserved ones are in Al-Ayn. Here, you will find 21 beehive structures lined up on a mountain range with Jabal Al Misht present in the backdrop.

Just a few kilometers from the Beehive tombs in Al-Ayn, you can also visit the tower tombs of Hili, which are another well-known structure. Measuring 12 meters (39.37 ft.) in diameter and 4 meters (13.12 ft), this monument is the largest in the UAE, both in terms of the size and the stones used.

These tombs must be on your wish list when you travel to Oman because of the aura they present to you. Even after all this, while, withstanding the seasons for thousands of years, these beehive tombs have stood tall and strong. So, make it a part of your culture tour of Oman and explore the hidden mysteries of the tombs.

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