Best Arabic Cuisine In Oman

Best Arabic Cuisine In Oman

Food is the language of love and life! When you relish something lip-smacking, it stays with you forever. And if you are ever visiting a different city or a country, gorging on the local cuisine is something you must delightfully partake in. So, if you are on an Oman Tour, what should you try? Which is the best Arabic cuisine in Oman? Take a look below. 

Best Arabic Cuisine In Oman, Mushaltat


One of the most popular Omani dishes, Mushaltat is a flatbread that is stuffed with meat, spinach, cheese, or even honey. This is also a perfect dish for someone who wants to avoid meat. The flatbread here is made of wheat flour.

est Arabic Cuisine In Oman- Majboos


This is a scrumptious rice dish that will make you crave more. Also known as Kabsa, the dish is cooked with saffron and red or white meat. The dish is spicy yet mouthwatering. The marriage of cardamom and saffron is what makes this dish super fantastic. This is one of the best Arabic cuisines in Oman that you must try.

Majboos are usually prepared during engagements and weddings. Here, the meat is cooked with spices, onions, and garlic, and once cooked, rice is added separately. The saffron gives it a vibrant yellow color!

Mashuai - Best Arabic Cuisine In Oman


If you are a seafood fan, this dish must top your list. Here, the kingfish is roasted to perfection with a blend of delicious spices and is served with lemony rice. The combo makes you go wow and the fish simply melts in your mouth. 

Best Arabic Cuisine In Oman - Harees


This dish dates back to the Armenian ages and is a bowl of absolute comfort. It is a simple dish, which is prepared easily yet tastes super delicious. Harees is made of wheat, meat, and sheet tail fat. This is usually eaten during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The texture of the dish is similar to porridge. 



Shuwa is a traditional Omani dish that’s usually prepared during Eid. It is an elaborate process but completely worth it. It is again a meat-based dish cooked using goat or camel. Preparing this dish takes two whole days. On day one, the meat is marinated using a whole bunch of traditional spices, including nutmeg and cumin. On day two, the meat is then wrapped in a banana leaf and slowly cooked in a sand oven till the insides become tender and the outer layer crispy.

These were some of the very popular Omani dishes that you must try. Also, don’t forget to enjoy authentic shawarma when in Oman. It is truly like nothing you have had before. You can also explore the street food where delicious meat-grilled variants are usually available. 

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