Best Khasab Hidden Gem Attractions

Oman, the land of the Mystique Mountains, has a scenic coastline with Arabian traditions.

This is my second visit to Oman, where after I completed my first trip just a year back, covering the northern part of the country and getting mesmerized by the beauty and culture of this place made me return again. This time I decided to visit the hidden gem tucked in the Gulf of Arabia – Khasab.

Khasab in Oman is an absolutely off-the-beat path destination to visit. It is the largest city in Musandam, an isolated area separated by the waters from mainland Oman. Situated at the tip of the Arabian peninsula. Nothing could beat the scenic limestone mountains naturally carved and bordered by low foothills between the wadis, drive to these mountains was truly one of a kind

Khasab is not an easily accessible city. Only by air or water are the two means to reach, and it’s not a particularly cheap city to travel to by means of time and money. But the effort put in is worth it by the incredible scenery of Khasab coastlines and the traditional Omani way of life. Mountain valley tours gave me competitive rates for my travel to visit Khasab.

This blog is here to help you to get insight into this adventure you planning to experience. A trip to Oman will be incomplete without visiting the  “Land of Many Vistas,”-Khasab, popular for the majestic Jebel Al Harim that features the fossils embedded into the rock. It is a beautiful port city with scenic features mountains and the ocean together. A must-visit spot where you can go swimming, snorkeling, diving, etc.

The easiest way to get in from Muscat is by flying, there are daily domestic flights that are not more expensive as the ferry.

Mountain valley tours helped me to plan my route to Khasab through the sea. they provided me with a tour guide cum driver who dropped us at shines port from our Muscat hotel. It was a three-hour drive to this port and embarked us to the ferry which is again a three-hour journey on the sea. A must experience with extravagant views of the mountains by the coastline surpassing the traditional dhows and oil tankers in the sea.

And worth 6 hours to reach these mountains to start our adventure by them. Once we reached Khasab, as our trip was organized by Mountain valley tours, a guide was there to welcome us. He took us to the hotel booked through these tour operators.

There is no public transport as such in the city. It’s a very small place with everything within just a walk of 10 minutes radius.

Many hotels are spread around the harbor and are reasonably expensive. It’s good to book through a tour operator as they get special deals along with planned activities around the city.

The main reason to visit Khasab is this city is surrounded by fjords which are so mesmerizing. The best way to explore is by boat. Our tour company – mountain valley travels made sure we covered the entire main areas of Khasab. It started with a day trip organized by them in the sea; the hatch was clean with comfortable cushions to sit on, Along with snorkeling equipment. The helmsman and helper were very supportive and helpful. We were offered local tea/coffee, fruits, and dates as compliments. And the lunch was arranged for us on a small island around. With a start of watching the magnificent dolphins in the sea with their acrobats, and ending the trip with snorkeling in the beautiful coral reefs and experiencing the tropical fishes and turtles with a professional guide who exactly knew the major spots. It was a lifetime experience. They also organized camping for us at the beach for the night, with a widespread barbecue buffet and sounds of the waves at the shores with the campfire. It made a memorable night under the stars.

After getting back early morning to our hotel and with a little rest followed by a scrumptious breakfast, our second-day trip was a drive around the mountains and we visited other small towns in Musandam, this place offered us a picture square view of traditional architecture with amazing pre-historic rock carvings. This afternoon trip got us close to the feeling of experiencing the culture of small towns that have less than 100 people and mainly survive on fishing and goat herding. Followed by dinner at the hotel and a walk at the shore at the night, it’s a trip to be cherished as it got us close to Oman’s heritage.

In return, it was the same routine of disembarking from Khasab port to shines. While returning to base, we cherished all the moments captured in our cameras spent on this island, from the frosted mountain slopes to the serene coastline. This place has so much to offer for adventure travelers like us. We covered the city at its best. As we reached Shina’s port after a three-hour ferry ride, the driver picked us up and drove us back to Muscat city hotel after again a three-hour drive. Indeed, it was an experience that will be cherished for a lifetime. The immense beauty of Khasab and mountain valley tours could make it possible for us.

We just are not saying that but they were genuinely excellent in helping us organize and arrange everything in our comfort. They also organize tours which are all in a traditional dhow boat including lunch, drinks, and snorkeling equipment. They know the best snorkeling spots and kayaking in the fjords.

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