Road trip to Oman: From Dubai to Muscat- Things you must know

Maybe you are looking for a weekend getaway from Dubai or maybe you are looking to expand your trip in the Middle East and explore the Sea of Oman or Wadi Shab Secret Cave, you can easily take a road trip when traveling to Oman, especially with the soaring flight prices. 

The distance from Dubai to Oman is about 450 Kilometers and as per Google Maps, it will take approximately four to five hours to make the trip. But, how to go about it? Are there any documents you need when traveling to Oman from Dubai? Bringing you all the things you must know about the road trip to Oman. 


Before you bask in the glory of all the wondrous that Oman has to offer, there are a few things you must check. If you are taking your own car for the Oman Tour, you must see if your insurance is in order and if it will cover your trip to Oman and back. If the answer is a yes, you can request an orange card from your insurance provider. This card can be sent to you via mail or even through email. 

The Orange Card system is a part of the International Motor Insurance Card System. This is an arrangement between authorities and insurance organizations to ensure the victims of road accidents in case of injury or damage sustained in multiple states. Also, it is worth noting that while the name says orange, the card is not always in the color orange. 

Now, if you don’t have insurance coverage for your journey, you can opt for temporary insurance. But usually, these types of insurance only cover third-party damage. Therefore, it is important that you do your research before making a purchase for your road trip to Oman. 


Having a valid visa is a necessity before you hit the roads. You can easily apply for one online in advance, days before your road trip to Oman to ensure you are all sorted or you can also opt for a visa on arrival if you are eligible for the same. Visa-on-arrival is available for eligible nationalities only.

Now, take at least a 5-7 days buffer because once you apply for the visa, it needs 24 hours or longer for the process and approval. And if your visa is not yet approved on the date of your journey, you will again have to apply for visa-on-arrival and pay again. And if your nationality is not eligible, you will be turned back and the journey you made will be in vain. Therefore, make sure you have a valid visa in hand before your road trip from Dubai to Muscat. 

The visa charges are 5 Omani Rials or 50 Diagrams. You can also use your credit card to make the payment. However, your passport must have at least 6 months of validity or you will not be eligible. You will also be asked where you will be staying in Oman, so have all the bookings made in advance.

As you leave the Dubai border, make sure you understand that photography is usually not allowed, so keep your cameras tucked inside. You will have to pay an exit fee before you leave the Dubai border and the vehicle’s documents will be checked. If it is not your own vehicle, make sure you carry a signed consent letter from the owner.

Covid-19 Rules 

It is important to ensure that you are vaccinated and carry the vaccine certificate with you. You must be vaccinated with at least two doses of approved vaccines. They include; AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Janssen, Sinovac, Sinopharm, Sputnik V and Covaxin.

The Drive

During your road trip to Oman, you will come across the majestic Sharjah Mosque on exit 71, which is the Emirate’s largest mosque. The road trip to Oman is truly exciting. As you enter Oman, you will notice roadside camels walking down the path and the background of the Hajar mountains. It is a lovely sight. 

Which Border To Take?

Wadi Hatta - Al Wajajah: Please note that the E44 Hatta route is not open for tourists, you can however take the Hatta Fort Hotel route to reach your destination. This route is closest to Dubai and Sharjah. 

Kathm al Shukhla, Al Ain: This is a popular truck route, which is usually quiet. Therefore, this can be an easy toute for cars. 

Meyzad - Hafeet, Al Ain: This is the best for Abu Dhabi residents. 

Important Driving Tips For Your Road Trip To Oman 

  • Just like in UAE, you drive on the right side of the road 

  • All the road signs are written in English and also Arabic

  • Make sure you download Google Maps well in advance and also have Waze on your phone as it works well in Oman 

  • Always maintain the speed limit 

  • For those traveling from outside, it is important to note that Friday is a holy day and a holiday in Oman. And if they are open, most attractions are only open from 8-11 AM.

The best time for your road trip to Oman is from October to April as the heat won’t be excruciating and the pleasant weather will ensure the drive is all the more fun. However, when you visit in the hotter months, you will be able to see a host of turtles at Ras Jinz. 

Finally, make sure you carry all the snacks and water bottles. Start with your tank full and refuel on the way. Drive safe and follow all safety practices. Get the best deals on your upcoming Dubai to Muscat only on Mountain Valley Holidays. Book Dubai to Muscat by car at the lowest price. 

Be it his dramatic, mountainous region is one of Oman's biggest tourist destinations, and for good reason, or the sand dunes of Oman, you can choose whichever city you want to visit. From the choice of stay to an option to select your vehicle, almost all the packages are customizable and you can change various aspects as you please. Overall, if you are looking for a package that is the best in the market, covers all major requirements, is affordable, and is customizable then make sure you book your Oman holiday packages from Mountain Valley Holidays.

Happy Journey! 


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