You Have Never Heard Silence Until You Get To The Empty Quarter

The Middle East is known for its majestic vast desert and when you are on your Oman Tour you must visit the empty quarter or Rub’ Al Khali where the golden sands take your breath away. It is romantic yet silent. It gives you such a scintillating peace that you will want to take a mental picture of the place and keep it tucked away in your memory and revisit it every time your wanderlust soul craves more. So, let’s dig deep and understand more about the empty quarter and why you must visit it on your Oman tour. 

What Is The Empty Quarter in Oman?

Empty Quarter is the name given to Rub’ Al Khali desert. The humongous desert is located in the Southern part of the Arabian Peninsula. It is the world’s biggest continuous sand sea! The area of the desert is 1,000 kilometers long and 500 kilometers wide. This dessert is shared by Oman, UAE, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. The beauty of the desert lies in the reddish-orange colored dunes with a plethora of lake beds. It is said that the lake beds were formed as a result of the monsoon rains thousands of years ago. 

Did you know? This is one of the most popular sand seas in the world and has been featured in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Matrix, and more! 

How Can You Travel To The Empty Quarter When You Are Traveling To Oman?

Located in the Governorate of Dhofar, the Empty Quarter is in the Southern part of the country. To visit Rub’ Al Khali you can fly to Salalah International Airport and you can take a car or bus to the Empty Quarters. 

Since the Empty Quarter experiences harsh weather, you will not find any touristy hotels or posh accommodations here. But that’s the beauty of this biggest sand sea. The beauty you experience is enthralling. So, for accommodations, you can always camp on the sand dunes. There are a plethora of Oman tour companies that employ local Bedouins to cook delicious Omani food for the campers. The entire experience is an exquisite one where you can spend an enthralling time. 

Weather In The Empty Quarter

How Is The Weather In The Empty Quarter?

The weather at the Empty Quarter is known as ‘hyper-arid,’ which is when the area doesn’t have enough water for plants or animals. Here, the rainfall is less than 3 cm and the temperature is between 47 degrees Celsius and 51 degrees Celsius. However, despite the harsh weather, there are local tribes in the area. 

If you are planning to head over to the Empty Quarter, make sure you have your booking ahead. Make sure you check the weather and carry light clothes, big hats, high-quality sunglasses, and sweaters for the cold night. Make sure you carry conservative clothes when here as you must be respectable to the culture and nature of the native.   

The Arab world is known for its wide deserts, especially the Rub’ Al Khali (the Empty Quarter), with its golden sands. Explore everything you need to know about the famous Rub’ Al Khali Desert for your next visit to Oman with Mountain Valley Holidays.

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