Rules & Regulations


Ramadan is the holy month in the middle east. In Oman, as an Islamic nation - eating, drinking, smoking, or any loud music played in public is banned from dawn to dusk and is a punishable offense if not followed.

Please make note that all restaurants and coffee shops remain closed and open just a few minutes before the evening prayer I.e before sunset. It is unadvised to refrain from swimming or sunbathing on public beaches



Smoking is prohibited in all indoor public places and workplaces such as worship, shopping malls, restaurants, sports settings, hotel lobbies, most bars educational institutions, government departments, health institutions, and on public transport. It is only allowed in designated areas/rooms.



Alcohol is only served in licensed approved restaurants or 4 * and above properties only as it is not a part of Islamic culture. Consuming alcohol in the public area outside a designated setup is a punishable offense, During the Holy Month of Ramadan alcohol is served at licensed hotels to in-house guests only and is available through 24-hour room service. Drink and driving are strictly prohibited and if found guilty they need to undergo punishment with a minimum of 48 hours in prison.


Dress Code

Oman is culturally ethnic and as an Islamic country, it is important to adhere to a modest dress code. To respect the local customs, it is advised to wear loose fitting clothing and comfortable In order to respect the local culture and customs we recommend that you wear loose fitting clothing and comfortable footwear, General clothing rules are to cover upper arms and below knee length clothing both for men and women

Whilst visiting a mosque it is important that you avoid wearing any sheer fabrics, short or tight clothing. All trousers and clothing have to be long with sleeves reaching the wrists. Women are required to wear a headscarf and cover their decollete.

When swimming in public places such as beaches and wadis, please wear a t-shirt and shorts; this applies to both women and men.



It's fine to take pictures around the areas but if you wish to take pictures of local people, you have to ask permission politely without offending their emotions. Please be aware that it is forbidden to take photographs of airports, military facilities, or buildings. please take permission from the locals present before doing so.