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Marhaba! Welcome to Muscat, the capital city of Oman! We’re sure you’ll be left awestruck by the low-rise buildings as you pass through the well-planned streets of this largest city in Oman. The beautiful city encompasses some of the world’s ancient heritages and attractions, that transport you to another world as you take a lazy walk through the streets of Muscat. It’s now time to breathe in some fresh sea air whilst being surrounded by some enchanting hills in this magnificent city of Oman! ​​ Your pick-up would be scheduled as soon as you deboard. You will be transferred to a nice and cozy property at Muscat. Overnight stay at Muscat.​

This day, will you’ll go on a tour around the city of Muscat. You would leave the hotel and reach for the Grand Mosque, a famous mosque in the town. The trip to the vibrant mosque is followed by a stop at the Al Alam palace followed by Bait Al Zubair museum, where you could catch a glimpse of a wide display of Omani craftsmanship. Following this, you would be taken to the Mutrah souk, a market sells a lot of eye-grabbing artefacts and other goodies that lure you into purchasing a thing or two. You’ll finally end today’s tour with the Dhow cruise, where you get to unwind yourself by witnessing a beautiful sunset along a magnificent coastline.

Place of Visit Description Additional Information​
Muscat Hotel Finish breakfast at the hotel and check-out. Keep your luggage ready, before arriving for breakfast.
Grand Mosque​ The mosque of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said is one of the major landmarks of Oman. We’re sure you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off the interiors of this mosque. Details to pay attention to when inside include, the wall-carvings of the prayer room, intricate details of the exotic prayer carpet and the huge chandelier. ​ The large single-piece carpet is a hand-woven one and the Grand Mosque once held the world record for owing this huge carpet. Closed on Fridays.​ Dress code needs to have adhered by visitors, both men and women. Women entering the mosque must cover their hair, shoulders, and arms. They would have to be dressed in long pants or floor-length skirts. Men must wear long trousers and ​ not shorts. They must also ensure that their shoulders are covered before entering the premises. ​ If required, you could borrow rented outfits found at the entrance.​
Royal Opera House, ​Muscat or ROHM Visit Oman’s premium music and arts venue where many acknowledged names in opera and ballet have performed. The Royal Opera House harnesses the rich history and genesis of Oman. Designed by the same architects as the Grand Mosque, ROHM is beautifully created and tastefully decorated. You’ll be thrilled to see the Islamic, Mughal, Oriental and European artistry that overwhelms the place. Discover the most innovative mechanism of 'Theatre to Concert' mode, here.​ You would stop by for photos.​ Opening hours: Saturday to Thursday -8:30 am to 5:30 pm ​ A certain dress code needs to be followed to attend performances. Entrance charges to be paid directly.​
Al Alam Palace The most flamboyant style of Islamic craftsmanship can be seen at the Sultan Qaboos Ali's Al Alam Palace. You will be spellbound by the beauty of the twin forts, Jalali and Mirani, which are too good to be ignored while on a trip to Oman’s old Muscat.​ Stop for photos.​
Bait Al Zubair ​Museum Witness the fine display of Omani culture, artefacts, cultural experiences and its 200- year-old intellectual history managed privately by the oldest ruling Zubair family. ​ Observe a fine display of traditional handicrafts, stamps, furniture, and coins. ​
Mutrah Souq Mutrah Souq is one of the largest and traditional markets of Oman. It is surrounded by an old wall and boasts of an elegant waterfront. Just take a short walk along the alleys and indulge in some shopping.​ Enjoy your walk and experience the grace and chaos of the traditional market. Take home a few Omani artefacts, garments, jewels, spices, and oils. Don’t forget to bargain! ​
Omani Traditional ​Dhow​ Unwind your day as you watch the sunset from the Dhow. The breath-taking view of Oman’s coastline from here will leave you refreshed like never before! You would be able to experience Dhow from September to April.
Back to Hotel After a beautiful yet tiring day, get back to the hotel and relax. Recline and enjoy a sound sleep.

Overnight stay: Spend your night in the hotel at Muscat.​

Your day starts with a visit to Nakhal. Tucked away by the palm grooves, and sighted with a backdrop of the Hajar Mountains, Nakhal comes as an important tourist destination in Oman as it comprises of a 350-year-old ancient fort. Also, get ready to witness some historic moments as you visit the ancient towns of Nizwa and Al Hamra. Nizwa, the ancient capital of Oman, was once a center for trade and education. It is a conservative town that accommodates some of the renowned mosques and an ancient fort called the Nizwa Round Tower Fort which you’ll be visiting, today.

Place of Visit Description Additional Information​
Muscat Hotel Enjoy a grand spread of breakfast prepared out of ingredients that tickle your tongue, at the hotel. Check-out from the hotel.​
Nakhal Fort You’ll be driven a distance of about 90 km to reach Nakhal fort. The ancient fort was once a residence of Yaaruba dynasty and imams of Bani House in 1834. The 350-year-old magnificent fort is located at the top of a rocky mountain cliff, surrounded by date plantations. The restored ancient fort has been decorated with traditional furniture and handicraft articles. The fort also showcases the pre-Islamic style of war defence systems which is something you wouldn’t want to miss!​ Enjoy yourself a 360-deg panoramic view from the top of the fort. Also, you could picnic at the popular spot known as Ayn Al Thuwarah.
Drive to Nizwa You would go on a drive of around 164 km (approximately 2 hr 30 min) to reach Nizwa, the next destination. ​ Drive
Nizwa Round Tower Fort You will then be headed to the historic town of Nizwa, Oman’s cultural capital. Nizwa is famous for its massive circular cannon tower, antiques and silver jewelry. You will visit the ancient Nizwa Fort whose history dates back to the 12th century. It was built by Sultan Bin Saif Yaruba, the first imam of the Yaruba Dynasty. When inside the fort, you’ll be thrilled to pass through its ancient doorways, narrow staircases and corridors, high-ceiling halls, and a maze of rooms. As Nizwa is a town that is surrounded by date palms, one can enjoy an amazing view of the entire town and its date plantation from the top of the tower. ​ You would then pass through the traditional Nizwa souk, a place where you find hand-carved ceremonial daggers, called the ‘khanjars’, and ornate silver jewellery. ​ Stop for 5 hours. Fort timings: Saturday to Thursday: Open from 9 am to 4 pm & Friday: Open from 8 am till 11 am. ​ ​ Look from the top of the tower to enjoy a glimpse of the gorgeous mountains. And when in Nizwa, don’t forget to get some souvenirs back home!
Nizwa Hotel Enjoy your supper at the Nizwa hotel and spend your night there. Sleep and re-energise yourself for the rest of the tour.

Overnight stay: Spend your night in the hotel at Muscat.​

NOTE - You have to check-out from this hotel as we proceed to our next tourist spot. ​​ Today, you would check-out from the Nizwa hotel and proceed along the tour to reach the destination, Muscat. You first go to Jabrin castle where you’ll take a look at its exceptional architectural details. You then proceed to Bahla, UNESCO World Heritage site town and then towards a two-million-year-old cave, Al Hoota which was formed of natural processes. You later move on to Wadi Bani Auf and enjoy a spectacular view of the canyons and cliffs. Later drive back to Muscat and end your day well by enjoying a sound sleep in the hotel. ​

Place of Visit Description Additional Information​
Nizwa Hotel Finish breakfast. Later, check out from the hotel to start your amazing day.​ You’ll first be taken to Jabrin Castle located at an approximate distance of 42 km from here.​ Check-out from the hotel.​
Jabrin Castle Jabrin Castle is the best example that reflects Omani culture through its ancient Arabian style of workmanship. Jabrin Castle is one of the whimsical and well-preserved castles in Oman that was built in the 1600s. Don’t forget to observe the fine calligraphy etched into the walls, hand-painted ceilings, hand-carved door frames, decorative arches, windows and balconies, when here!​ You’ll find an auto-guide that lasts 25 mins near the entrance that would fill you in with all necessary details.​ You could also stop for clicking more postcard photos around here. ​
Bahla The next stop is at Bahla, a UNESCO World Heritage site town that lays in the Ad Dakhiliyah region of Oman. It is one of the oldest fortresses (13th-century fortress) in the country. You can have a visit to the pottery factory and experience traditional Omani handcrafts at Bahla.​ Stop for 30 min here. Don’t get startled by a few bats in dark rooms of the fort!​ Bahla is also popular for authentic souvenirs and textiles. ​
Al Hoota Cave Continue the tour for around 14 km where you reach the Al Hoota Cave. ​ Enjoy an unbelievable experience of being inside a 2-million-year-old cave with its habitats intact. This is the largest cave in the Arabian Peninsula and instils in you a feeling of the pre-historic era. This cave extends up to 4.5 km (Just about 500m accessible by the public) and is located at the foot of Jebel Shams. It was discovered hundreds of years ago by the locals was converted into a tourism destination in 2006. It is going to be an amazing experience to learn on the formation of the cave and the details about how its natural habitats are rightfully preserved.​ Witness the numerous stalactites hanging from the ceiling and stalagmites reaching up from the ground. The cave is also home to rare varieties of animals. ​ Stop for 1: 45 hours.​ During heavy footfalls, it is essential to book beforehand. We advise you to arrive at the ticketing office at least 15 minutes before your allotted time.​ No photography is allowed inside the cave.​
Wadi Bani Auf Proceed about 53 km towards Wadi Bani Auf. With breath-taking sceneries and stunning cliffs, the drive through the large wadi will leave you spell-bound. Enjoy this amazing road-trip that covers the beautiful villages, stunning cliffs and canyons. It is also worthwhile to mention of the ‘Snake Canyon’ or Wadi Bimah, that you would cross through today.​ Experience the thrill of meeting a few snakes on the way through the drive!
Muscat Drive You’ll be travelling a distance of about 153 km to reach Muscat. ​ Have a relaxed drive to Muscat.​
Arrive Muscat Check into the hotel.​ Have a peaceful sleep.​

Overnight stay: Spend your night in the hotel at Muscat.​

It’s now time to bid adieu to the beautiful Arab land as you will be headed back to your home town. You’ll be picked up for the airport from the hotel. ​ Au revoir!


Let architecture speak its story…​

Oman, a country in the Middle-east, is an amalgamation of nature’s beauty and cultural abundance. Located at the ​southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman represents the most strategic desert location to explore nature’s divine beauty, where the lush mountains and the breathtaking beaches will rejuvenate your soul. Oman is enriched with the beauty of nature. You are bound to get mesmerized by the most spectacular forts that speak some ancient glory through their architecture. On a 5-day expedition into the Arabian land with us, discover the rich heritage and culture of the ancient country, Oman.​

Most exciting features of the tour:​

  • Witness the oldest city which was once the capital of Oman!​
  • ​Catch a glimpse of the hand-woven, second-largest carpet in the world that shares its royal history.​
  • Experience Oman’s ONLY UNESCO-listed Fort.
  • Visit the oldest market in the Arab world – the Matrah Souq.
  • Get enthralled by Oman’s traditional dhow cruise!​

Arabian heritage

  • The timings mentioned in the itinerary are indicative; it may vary according to the prevailing situation at that moment and other weather conditions.​


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Entrance fees to all sites as indicated in the itinerary
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