Culture and Nature Tour​ of Oman

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Marhaba! Welcome to Muscat, the capital city of Oman! We’re sure you’ll be left awestruck by the low-rise buildings as you pass through the well-planned streets of this largest city in Oman. The beautiful city encompasses some of the world’s ancient heritages and attractions, that transport you to another world as you take a lazy walk through the streets of Muscat. Its now time to breathe in some fresh sea air whilst being surrounded by some enchanting hills in this magnificent city of Oman! ​ ​You will be received at Muscat International Airport by our driver and then driven to the hotel. Check In to the hotel. You could spend the rest of the day in a relaxed way, exploring the city by own or by visiting some beaches around you. Overnight in Muscat.

Today, you would go around touring the capital city, Muscat. The first place of visit is the Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in Oman. A visit to the vibrant mosque is followed by a stop at the Bait Al Zubair Museum, a privately-owned museum where you could catch the glimpse of a wide display of authentic Omani craftsmanship. En route to the museum from the mosque, you would halt at Al Alam Palace & the twin forts of Jalali and Mirani for some pictures. Continue the tour as you reach the last stop for the day, Mutrah souq, a market sells a lot of eye-grabbing artefacts and other goodies that lure you into purchasing a thing or two.​ City tour duration: 4 hours.​

Place of Visit Description Additional Information​
Muscat Enjoy a widespread breakfast at the hotel.​ You’ll go on a half-day city tour of the Muscat city.​
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque The Mosque of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said one of the landmarks of Oman. Pay attention to the intricate details of the exotic prayer carpet and the huge chandelier inside.​ Closed on Fridays.​ Dress code needs to have adhered by visitors, both men and women. ​ Women visitors must dress up in an attire that is long and covers legs. They must also ensure to cover their head, legs, arms, and shoulders. Men must wear long trousers and not shorts. They must also ensure that their shoulders are covered before entering the premises. If required, you could borrow rented outfits found at the entrance.​​
Al Alam Palace & Twin forts of Jalali and Mirani Continue to visit old Muscat and break for a photo stop at the official place of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Al Alam Palace. You might as well stop for taking some pictures at the entrance of Muscat Bay, the twin forts of Jalali and Mirani, the most famous among Muscat tourism places.​ Get all your postcard-photographs clicked here.
Bait Al Zubair Museum Witness the fine display of Omani culture, artefacts, cultural experiences and its 200-year-old intellectual history managed privately by the oldest ruling Zubair family.​ Observe a fine display of traditional handicrafts, stamps, furniture, and coins. ​ Museum closed on Fridays.
Mutrah Souq​ Mutrah Souq is one of the largest and traditional markets of Oman. It is surrounded by an old wall and boasts of an elegant waterfront. Just take a short walk along the alleys and indulge in some shopping.​ Take home a few Omani artefacts, garments, jewels, spices, and oils. Don’t forget to bargain!​​
Muscat Get back to the hotel and relax.​ Spend the rest of the day at leisure or by engaging in some activities of your choice.​

On this day of the tour, you would cover some of the important and most scenic locations across Oman. Your day starts with a visit to Nakhal. Tucked away by the palm grooves, and sighted with a backdrop of the Hajar Mountains, Nakhal comes as an important tourist destination in Oman as it comprises of a 350-year-old ancient fort. After a brief halt at the hot springs of Ain Towarah, you sojourn next at the destination Nizwa, the ancient capital of Oman, which was once a centre for trade and education. It is a conservative town that accommodates some of the renowned mosques and an ancient fort called the Nizwa Round Tower Fort which you’ll be visiting, today. You then end your day by going around the lanes of the Nizwa souq and indulging in some shopping, before you retire to your hotel here.​ Tour duration: 8 hours ​

Place of Visit Description Additional Information​
Muscat Enjoy a widespread breakfast at the Muscat hotel before you embark on a day-long journey.​ Leave hotel after breakfast.​
Nakhal Drive about 80 km further to reach Nakhal. Visit the 350-year-old magnificent fort located at the top of a rocky mountain cliff, surrounded by date plantations. The restored ancient fort has been decorated with traditional furniture and handicraft articles.​ Enjoy yourself a 360-deg panoramic view from the top of the fort.​
Ain Al Thowarah After the fort visit, pass through a near-by winding road lined by palm trees that leads to the ‘Hot Springs of Ain Al Thowarah’. The springs that emerge from the Wadi walls is routed into a ‘falaj’ or water channel for irrigating the farms close-by.​ A popular picnic spot.​​
Nizwa Continue the tour as you will be driven to the historic town of Nizwa, Oman’s cultural capital. Nizwa is famous for its massive circular cannon tower, antiques and silver jewellery. You will visit the ancient Nizwa Fort whose history dates back to the 12th century. It was built by Sultan Bin Saif Yaruba, the first imam of the Yaruba Dynasty. When inside the fort, you’ll be thrilled to pass through its ancient doorways, narrow staircases and corridors, high-ceiling halls, and a maze of rooms. As Nizwa is a town that is surrounded by date palms, one can enjoy an amazing view of the entire town and its date plantation from the top of the tower. You would then pass through the traditional Nizwa souk, a place where you find hand-carved ceremonial daggers, called the ‘khanjars’, and ornate silver jewelry.​ Fort timings:​ Saturday to Thursday: Open from 9 am to 4 pm & Friday: Open from 8 am till 11 am. Look from the top of the tower to enjoy a glimpse of the gorgeous mountains. And when in Nizwa, don’t forget to get some souvenirs back home!​
Nizwa Hotel Check-in to the hotel here.​ Spend the night at the hotel in Nizwa.​

Overnight stay at Muscat hotel.​​​

Your day will start on a beautiful note, by paying a visit to the Wahiba Sands where you could relish the beautiful waves of the desert sands and get a taste of the Bedouin values as well. The day ends on a blissful note by a visit to Wadi Bani Khalid, one of the most popular wadis of Oman.​

The duration of today’s journey: 8 hours​

Place of Visit Description Additional Information​
Nizwa Enjoy a widespread breakfast at the hotel before setting off to explore Wahiba Wilderness. Ensure to dress in light clothing and a comfortable pair of walking shoes.​
Wahiba Sands The Wahiba Sands is known for its exotic desert beauty. You will travel from the hotel to the Wahiba Sands for a mesmerizing experience. You would go on a jeep-tour through the white, black, orange and golden dunes of the desert. Sit back and enjoy your ride as our skilled driver maneuvers through the ever-changing colours of the desert sand!​ You’ll enjoy a scenic jeep drive through the shining, golden sand dunes of Wahiba Sands.​
Visit a Bedouin settlement Visiting the Wahiba Sands calls for a stopover by a Bedouin family. Bedouins are the group of nomadic Arabic people who consider themselves as ‘true Arabs’!​ This stopover comes as an OPTIONAL one that includes added charges. If need be, you would halt for 30 min before proceeding to the next destination.​
Wadi Bani Khalid Travel about 120 km further to reach Wadi Bani Khalid. Wadi Bani Khalid, a picturesque wadi surrounded by green palm trees, sets the perfect example for a true oasis. The wadi comprises of small pretty villages embedded in between the mountains.​ Stop for 30 min here. Carry your swimsuit as the Wadi has clear deep blue, cool water that tempts you into diving right in!​
Muscat Travel an approximate distance of 250 km to get back to Muscat, and enjoy a good night’s sleep in the hotel.​ Overnight stay.​

Overnight stay at Muscat hotel.​​​

Hopping from Muscat to Salalah!​

Place of Visit Description Additional Information​
Muscat Enjoy your breakfast at the Muscat hotel. Later, you will be driven to the airport to catch the flight to your next destination, Salalah! ​ Check-out from the hotel.​

Take a flight to Salalah. ​

Flight duration: 1 hour 40 min.​

Reach Salalah and spend the remaining day in leisure by listening to ripples of the beach waves.​​
Salalah Overnight stay at the hotel in Salalah​ Spend your night in peace as you start the next part of the tour, the next day!​

Night stay: Overnight stay at the Salalah hotel.​

Welcome to Salalah, the capital city of the Dhofar region and the second-largest of Oman. This day, you will take a tour around the city of Salalah ( both Salalah east and west). Placed at a strategic location, Salalah is popular for frankincense trade and its summer khareef (monsoon). The annual Salalah Festival held during the autumn attracts tourists flocking from the other Arab regions to Salalah to find respite from the heat. This tropical city is lined by banana plantations, coconut trees, vegetable and fruit gardens all the way, that serve as a treat to the eyes of the bearers!​ The Salalah sightseeing commences with a visit to the fishing village of ‘Taqah’, which is renowned for its dried sardines and authentic Dhofari houses. After a halt at ‘Taqah Castle’, the former official residence of the ‘Wali’ or the Governor, you head to the city of Sumharam. The remnants of the city and its port Khor Rori, talk a lot about the ancient marine trade network, specifically Frankincense trade, that once turned the town a glorious one. Then proceed towards a stunning valley of Wadi Dirbat, and then to Qara Mountains as you set off to explore the western part of Salalah. After visiting the Prophet Job’s tomb located in the Green Mountains of Salalah plains, you would move towards Mughsail to cover the white sand beaches. You end the day by a scenic drive back to the hotel.

Place of Visit Description Additional Information​
Salalah Hotel Start your day with a power-packed breakfast at the hotel.​ Embark on your journey into exploring the city of Salalah!​
Village of Taqah​ Located in the eastern side of Salalah, Taqah is a countryside that is enriched with most extraordinary natural treasures on the Arabian Peninsula. You would be taken to a 19th century AD castle in Taqah. This fort was a private residence of the tribal leader Sheikh Ali bin Taman Al Ma’shani, who is the great grandfather of his Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.​ While in Taqah, take a look at the Dhofari houses that reflect Yemeni architecture, white sand beaches, and the other archeological sites. ​ The fort is open from Saturday to Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm, and on Friday from 8 am to 11 am. ​
Sumhuram Sumhuram is located at a 30 km distance from Taqah. An ancient port of Khor Rori or Sumhuram is a fortified town that shows signs of a settlement called Hadrami that belonged to the third century CE. The remnants of Sumhuram talks about the town that once served as a port for international frankincense trade network. This fortified town had trade connections through the sea with the far East, Egypt and Greece.​ Enjoy a spectacular view and spot some beautiful birds like the flamingo in the lagoon. ​
Wadi Dirbat Visit the wadi that houses an amazing variety of plants, trees, birds, and flowers. This is one of those locations where nature is enjoyed at its best. The visit to this beautiful valley also covers the Ain Razat garden. It is the most important source of water supply in the Dhofar region. Ain Razat is a place here eminent for natural cave formation. You get to view and cherish the fantastic views of the Dhofar Coastline and the Indian Ocean from here. After Wadi Dirbat, we next move towards the western side of Salalah.​ A place for a fun picnic. People come here for boating, flying kites, taking a stroll, all the while enjoying the greenery of this place.
Qara Mountains Continue the tour through the Qara Mountains where you could catch sight of the beauty of Dhofari mountains.​ You’ll fall short of words to describe the scenic beauty of the traditional Dhofari rural. You’ll witness herds of camels and cattle on your way to the prophet’s tomb.
Nabi Ayub grave This tomb is inside a Mosque and is the resting place of Nabi Ayub or prophet Job. It is a popular pilgrimage spot and the visitors would be required to be dressed modestly.​ Last stop for the day.​
Mughsayl Next visit a popular beach in the west of Salalah where you encounter the ‘blowholes’ like never before! When the sea waves hit the rocks, because of these blowholes, air and water are forced up the vent and hence come pushing up like a fountain. Around Mughsayl, you earn good chances of spotting the famous frankincense trees grown in the valleys, as you travel along the 'Hair-pin-bend' road towards the Western Border of Oman. The trees brought this Dhofari region to great wealth thousands of years ago when frankincense was more valuable than gold.​ Enjoy a stroll across the white sands of the beach to leave your footprints behind! Take a short walk into the scenic valleys to take a sniff of the divine incense, which once bought wealth to the entire region.​​
Salalah Hotel​ Return to the hotel.​ Relax and rejuvenate.​​

Night stay: Overnight stay at the Salalah hotel.​

Its now time to bid adieu to the beautiful Arab land as you will be headed back to your home town!​​

Place of Visit Description Additional Information​
Salalah Hotel Finish breakfast at the hotel. You will be then driven to Salalah International Airport.​​ Hotel check-out​​

Tour Ends​

Find Happiness in Oman, a land rich in nature and culture…​​

Ancient towns, archaeological structures, historic ruins, picturesque water bodies, white-sand beaches, golden dunes of the desert, Bedouin traditions, the Dhofar monsoon, and a lot more this land of Arab has to offer to its visitors!​​

Oman, a country in the middle-east, is an amalgamation of nature’s beauty and cultural abundance. Located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman represents the most strategic desert location to explore nature’s divine beauty, where the lush mountains and the breathtaking beaches will rejuvenate your soul. Oman is enriched with the beauty of nature. You are bound to get mesmerized by the most spectacular forts that speak some ancient glory through their architecture. On a 7-day expedition into the Arabian land with us, discover the rich heritage and culture of the ancient country, Oman.​

Most exciting features of the tour:​

  • Experience the serene turquoise water pool wedged between the rocks​
  • Go on city tours and explore the ancient forts
  • Visit the oldest market in the Arab world - Matrah Souq​
  • Immerse yourself in the serenity of the rippled sand waves of desert​
  • Tour around Salalah and experience the traditional Dhofari rural beauty
  • Witness the port town that was once famous for its maritime Frankincense trade​​

Go to another world in this culture-rich Arab land, infested with unparalleled

Culture and Nature Tour of Oman

* The timings mentioned in the itinerary are indicative it may vary according to the prevailing situation at that moment and other weather conditions



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Meet and greet service by our English-speaking drivers from Muscat International airport
03 Night’s accommodation at Muscat Hotel with breakfast
01 Night accommodation at Nizwa Hotel with breakfast
02 Night’s accommodation at Salalah hotel with breakfast
Muscat – Salalah – One-way economy class air ticket
All sightseeing tours on private basis with English speaking driver as mentioned in the above itinerary
Entrance fees to all sites as indicated in the itinerary
01 Bottled Mineral water per day
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International flights
Personal expenses
Lunch & Dinner
Oman Tourist Visa charges
Anything not mentioned in the inclusions

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