Full Day Mountain Safari to Jebel Harim with picnic lunch

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Mountain Safari:

Morning: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Afternoon: 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

A 4-wheel panoramic drive into the barren interior through the impressive mountains of Musandam, you will be driven to Jebel Al Harim. It is the highest mountain peak in the region which is 2087 meters above the sea level; speckled with fossils dating back several million years.On the way pass by the calm and peaceful Bedouin village of Sayhe situated at 1100 metres above sea level.Drive to Khor Najd for stunning view overlooking to Indian Ocean sidewhere the mountain and sea. This is the most panoramic view of the region.Later drive to see Al Khaldiya,the natural park of Acacia trees.Return back to Khasab. Cold drinks and water would be provided during the trip.

Rates : RO 18 per adult; children (4 to 8 years) RO 9; below 4 years complimentary

Jebel Harim, which translates to ' Mountain of women's ’ and at 2000m the highest peak in Musandam. The mountain gets its name from the time when local women used to retreat to caves here to avoid being wiped out by pirates or rival tribes while their men were away on long fishing or trading expeditions. The current summit is home to a radar station that monitors shipping far below in the Strait of Hormuz and is off limits, although there are great panoramic views from the road, with breathtaking views over Khasab and towards Dibba. Many of the rocks here are also dotted with excellently preserved fossils, providing a remarkable sight of ancient underwater creatures - mollusks, fish, mussels, and countless trilobites - now incongruously stranded near the top of one of Arabia's highest mountains.

Beyond the summit, you'll have sensational views of the road that runs along a narrow ridge before descending to Rawdah Bowl, as well as breathtaking views of the deep gorge below. The bowl has several interesting features, including the local stone houses known as Bayt Al Qifl, or the ‘house of locks’. The area has a long history of habitation, as evidenced by the pre-Islamic gravestones (near the road) made of bright yellow sandstone or gray limestone and inscribed with scriptures or icons. On the edge of the village are old cemeteries, which bear witness to a long-standing population. There are about 500 graves in this cemetery on a plateau near Wadi Bih, the bowl was once used as a local tribal battlefield, which probably explains the large number of people buried here.

Our Mountain Safari Get ready for a 4×4 adventure at 6000 feet. From the city of Khasab, we will head into the mountains of the Musandam peninsula, stopping at viewpoints along the way. The village of Sayah is also on the maps. Rolling down the hill, this picturesque hamlet is still inhabited by Bedouins living in the desert. The village is known for its ancient petrography - 3000-year-old paintings splash on the rock face. Along the way, you will pass a remarkable fossil wall, formed from what was originally a rock from the seabed and covered in a dense layer of fossilized prints under which the outlines of crabs, starfish, and shells are clearly distinguishable. Later we drive near the top of Jebel Harim, literally "Mountain of Women". Of course, the photo opportunities from these heights are spectacular, especially the Khawr Najid, that beautiful vantage point over the Indian Ocean.

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