Snake Canyon

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Snake Canyon is Oman’s natural water park, located in the Western Hajar Mountains. It is called Snake Canyon due to the way the canyon bends, resembling the shape of a snake while also alluding to the presence of snakes in this canyon.

Journey through the crack between two mountains, where rushing water has cut right through, leaving behind smooth, colorful rocks with plenty of water pools. In some parts, the canyon can be as wide as 30 feet and as narrow as 2 feet.

Normally, it takes about 4-5 hours to cut through it. The left fork of Snake Canyon is considered easy, the right Fork requires ropes and some abseiling is required. Life jackets and helmets are a must during this activity.

The remote village of BiladSay, which is near Snake Canyon, is like a fairy tale village in traditional style and is regarded as one of the most picturesque villages in Oman.

Packing list: good shoes or boots and dry clothes. Husak will provide a waterproof bag. Ages 10 +


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