Tour Balqees 12 Days Package

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  • 12 Days

In the morning we will leave Muscat , drive about 80 kms further to reach Nakhal.
Stop at Nakhal

Visit the 1500-year-old magnificent Nakhal Fort, located at the top of a rocky mountain cliff, surrounded by date plantations. The fort has has witnessed many battles and its packed full of hidden escape routes and secret passages. You can stroll around the restored ancient fort that has been decorated with traditional furniture and handicraft articles.
After fort visit, proceed few kilometers to visit the hot spring tucked away among date farms. The spring is all year around available with warm mineral water collected in the site pools. The place is well-known as “picnic spot “ with several chairs and shadesnear the pool.

Stop at WadiBaniAwf
This time the drive will be from East of mountain side in to WadiBaniAwf. The wadi leads directly to the picturesque gorge also called as “Snake Canyon” a very narrow gorge situated in the middle of “WadiBaniAwf”. Snake Gorge, which gets its name from the colubrine effect created by the mountains that "snake" through it. The gorge contains waterfalls emerging from its rocky walls, plenty of natural pools, and colossal boulders all around.

Stop at Jebel Shams

Continue the journey to Jebel Shams a mountainous region in the AL Hamra town. It is best known as ‘The Grand Canyon of Arabia’ or the ‘Omani Grand Canyon’. It's one of the most adventurous road in Oman, offering existing off road experience and fantastic views.
Jebel Shams is nestles the highest mountains of Oman and is an important tourist destination. The word ‘Jebel Shams’ translates into ‘Mountain of the Sun’ since it receives the first sunrise of the region. A moderate temperature of the mountains during the summers make it an ideal location to beat the Arabian heat. People coming here indulge in various activities including hiking, exploring near-by villages, camping and star-watching, night photography, etc.

Meals included:

Breakfast at the hotel.

Stop at WadiGhul

Proceed to WadiGhul, an abandoned 2000 years old village in the north-western region of Al Hamra town of Oman located at the foot of mountain Ghul can be seen on the way to Jabal Shams. It has been built of solid stones.

Stop at WadiNakhar
We then drive into WadiNakhar, one of the deepest valleys in Oman due to its geographical characteristics. The waterfall from the top of Jabal Shams is considered to be the most important source of water.
The valley is famous for all year around greenery, beautiful nature, the calm cool nature even during summer time, clear and fresh water pools throughout the year.

Stop at Misfat al Abreyeen

Further proceed to Misfah Al Abreyeen, 500 year old picturesque village on a steep slope at the foot of Jebel Shams. It is one of the most beautiful village consists of old houses of mud and palm frond roofs, beautiful wadis , several hiking’s points. It has a falaj system for many orchards, date palms, and vegetables, it’s worth to spend some time walking around the village.

Then drive to Nizwa. Check in to the hotel.

Dinner at the hotel.

Meals included:
Breakfast & Dinner

Breakfast the hotel.

Stop at Nizwa Fort &  Nizwa Souq

Start the tour with visit to Nizwa Fort which is famous for its massive circular cannon tower, antiques and silver jewelry. You will visit the ancient Nizwa Fort whose history dates back to the 12th century. It was built by Sultan Bin Saif Yaruba, the first imam of the Yaruba Dynasty. When inside the fort, you’ll be thrilled to pass through its ancient doorways, narrow staircases and corridors, high-ceiling halls, and a maze of rooms. As Nizwa is a town that is surrounded by date palms, one can enjoy an amazing view of the entire town and its date plantation from the top of the tower.
After the fort, visit traditional Nizwa Souq, a place where wide variety of vendors offers their goods, vegetables, pottery, jewelry, handicrafts, Omani sweet (Halwa) dates, spice, and souvenirs . Another attraction is the Friday cattle market when the locals from the nearby villages come to sell their cattle and chickens in a circus-style open market place.

Stop at JebelAkhdar

From Nizwa drive up to to ‘The Green Mountain’, Jebel Akdhar , part of the Al Hajar Mountains. This mountain range is mostly composed of limestone and forms one of the highest peaks in Oman. The moist land of Jebel Akdhar allows the growth of trees and shrubs that produce fruits such as pomegranates, walnuts, apricot, apple, olives, Grape, Rose, Peaches, and Walnut.
Continue the visit. Take a photographic stop to capture the beauty of landscape with terrace farming and majestic mountains.

Stop at Birkat Al Mouz

From Zukait we continue our journey to BirkatAlMouz listed into UNESCO the world heritage and culture. It has a large Falaj system that supplies water date palms, and vegetables for many orchards and its worth spending some walk around the old part of the village.

Continue journey to Nizwa. Check into the hotel.
Dinner at the hotel.

Overnight in the hotel.

Meals Included:

Breakfast & Dinner

Breakfast at the hotel.

Stop at Zukait Tombs

Today on the way to the desert , stop at Zukait village. Located on a hilltop in the Al Dakhiliyah region you will find, cylindrical tombs that date back to the third millennium BC and  they are made of mountain rock stacked to create a distinctive beehive shape.

Stop at Ibra
Next stop is at Ibra Village which is one of the oldest cities in Oman and was once a center of trade, religion, education and art. You can walk around village which is built with mud and limestone.

Stop Al Mudhaireb
You will be driven to Al Mudhaireb village, one of the famous historical and cultural village in Oman. You can visit “cultural and Heritage house”, a house of one of the Sheikhs that has been transformed to museum.
Ahead you can walk a bit uphill where you'll be within the ruins of the old village of Al Mudhaireb.This is very interesting sight. Further ahead of uphill you'll see one of the many watchtowers of Al Mudhaireb, with the spectacular view. Once you reach uphill, you will also find another half a dozen other watchtowers in Al Mudhaireb. Historically, each quarter of the village had its own watchtower to warn the residents from attacks from other villages/quarters, and there would have been an old quarter under or near-by to each of these watchtowers.

Stop at Wahiba Sand
Continue the journey to the desert Wahiba Sands.The desert offer activities like an adventurous 4x4 drive in the sand dunes, camel rides, zipping through the dunes on a sandboard or quad bike.
Then we will watch the stunning sunset of the desert in one of the big sand dunes. We finish the day with buffet dinner at the camp.

Meals included:


Breakfast at the hotel.

Stop at WadiBani Khalid
Continue the tour to WadiBani Khalid, a picturesque wadi surrounded by green palm trees, sets the perfect example for a true oasis. Enjoy swimming in the deep blue cool water, sunbathing and picnic in the beautiful scenic wadi canyons.
Stop at Sur
Proceed to beautiful town Sur, famous for its shipyards where the Dhows, the typical Omani boat, are still built with traditional methods. Visit the lighthouse and the fishermen's houses which carries the legacy of Africa with the doors of the carved houses.

Stop at Ras Al Jinz Reserve

Continue the journey towards Ras Al Hadd / Ras AL Jinz Turtle Reserve.
Check into the hotel. Early Dinner at the hotel.

Enliven your night while you watch the real Green Turtles LIVE! These turtles come from thousand miles to this shore to lay their egg. You will get a chance to see these creatures without endangering or disturbing their lives and birthing cycles. Also, you can visit the interactive museum, research laboratories and explore the plethora of information available.

Return back to the hotel,
Overnight in hotel.

Meals Included:
Breakfast & Dinner

Stop at WadiShab
Today we drive towards WadiShab, an enormous canyon gorge that is lined with palm trees and crystal clear water pools. A tourist can enjoy swimming, trekking through these pools and gorge, and once you come to the last pool, you can find an opening among the enormous rocks which allows us to swim into an incredible crevice cave with a small waterfall inside, the sunlight filters in from the outside, turning the water into a beautiful turquoise blue whilst water showers down one side of the cave from the wadi beyond.
From there return back to your hotel In Ras al Had.

Meals Included:
Breakfast & Dinner

Breakfast at the hotel.

Stop at Al Ashkharah

Today you will be driven to costal Road of Muscat to Salalah. Pass through many sea villages and visit the largest and the most beautiful one Al Ashkharah fishing village. It’s a popular tourist destination with beautiful beaches , cool weather even during summer and white sand dunes.Visit the Al Ashkharah port, there you will see many fisher men's returning from the sea with huge quantities of fish and seafood.

Stop at Ras Al Rways (white Dunes)-Muhut

From Al Ashkharayou will be driven towards RasArRways, where the stunning white sand meets the turquoise open sea,
From there you will be driven to Muhut, one of the most important ports of olden days and currently states of the central region of Oman overlooking the Arabian Sea. This port was famous for shipbuilding, transporting passengers and goods from Oman to the African continents and India, carrying Omani products and returning with goods that were not in Oman at that time.
Drive from Muhut to Duqm.

Check into the hotel. Dinner at the hotel

Overnight in the hotel.

Meals Included:

Breakfast at the hotel.

Stop at RasMadrakah Beach
Today you will visit RasMadrakahwhich has moderate weather throughout the year. It is represented in the mountainous and rocky formations overlooking the Arabian Sea on one side and the soft golden sand on the other side. You canenjoy walking in the golden sands and swimming in sea.

Stop atRock Garden

Drive back to Duqm, visit Rock Garden also known as Rock Zoo of Duqm spread over 3 square kilometer made of sand stones rocks and limestone, which was created in an underground water aquifer around more than Forty Six million years ago. It is considered one of the greatest natural treasures of Duqm. This Rock garden is full of anonymous rocks with unusual shapes, rounds rocks, big piece of rock standing on a small piece of stone stand and some seem like statues of animals. This site is one of the top twenty five sites of Sultanate of Oman’s geological scientific importance.

Meals Included:

Overnight in the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Stop at Al Jazir

Al Jazir Most of the state's industries came from its location on the Arabian Sea, where the inhabitants of the state practice a variety of crafts and industries, including the manufacture of paddles and the manufacture of fishing nets and other industries such as the specialties and the industries of some tools of animal skins, pink pools one of the high light in Al Jazir. Visit the pink lake in Al Jazir, its one of the stunning lake its located 7 KM from al Jazir downtown

Stop at Ash Shuwaymiyyah

From Al Jazir we will drive to Al Shuwaymiyyah , fishing village along the Arabian sea. Visit Wadi Ash Shuwaymiyyah, deep valley, carved by nature out of the surrounding land, plunges towards a rock-strewn coastline with dramatic cliffs as a backdrop.

Drive to Salalah from Ash Shuwaymiyyah.

Meals included:

Overnight in the hotel.

Stop at Al Balid Archeological Site

Today’s day start with visit to KhwarAlBalid, named after ancient city which lies on the banks of this lagoon. The lagoon flanks the city on the east and north. In ancient times, this lagoon was connected to the sea and used as a natural port due to its depth in some parts.

It is UNESCO World Heritage site and famous for the frankincense trade port in the previous days.The importance of this place lies in its combination of archaeology, history and nature. The main important things to see in this site are remains at Grand Mosque at Al Baleed , Ruins at Al Baleed Fort, Ruins of the City Wall , The Lagoon at the park , The museum of the Frankincense Land & Bird Watching.

Stop at Al Mughsail Beach

Then visit AlMughsail Beach characterized by its serene, white sandbeautiful beach is the most famous touristic destination in Salalah specially in the monsoon. The Marneef cave and the blow holes located just beside the Mughsail Beach are must visit places.

From there visit job tomb then back to your hotel. In the evening you can visit the city center al Hafa Market.

Meals included:

• Breakfast

Overnight in the hotel.

Stop at Rub Al Khali

Today we drive towards Rub Al Khali (Empty quarter) The Rub' al Khali is the world’s second largest desert in the world, occupies the southern third of the Arabian Peninsula. The desert covers some 650,000 km2 (250,000 sq mi) including parts of Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. You can experience the enthralling orange dunes and crystal stone that have been toned due to erosion.

Stop at Al Shisr

From Rub Al Khali on the way back to Salalah, visit Al shisr (the lost city) World Heritage Site located in the province of Dhofar the state of Thamrit, the capital of the Badia (Najd Dhofar). It is at the southern end of the desert of the Empty Quarter. Evidence suggests that the site has been inhabited since the Stone Age.

In 1992, an American satellite discovered the remains of a city buried under the sands of the Rub al Khali desert ("The Empty Quarter"). Presumably it was the legendary city of Iram, distinguished by imposing pillars and high walls, which was also mentioned in the Quran. The plot has undergone

a deep study by archaeologists who dated the pottery found there and glass vessels around the 100th year BC. It was also found that the city went under the sand because of a "light earthquake

Stop AtWadiDawkah

Later visit WadiDawkah located in the Najd area behind the northern slopes of the Dhofar mountain range, 35 km north of Salalah city, and extends north towards the state of Thumrait.
It is a natural reserve for large frankincense trees and it is listed in the World Heritage and culture UNESCO.

Meals included:
• Breakfast

Stop at Taqah

The day starts with visit towards ancient village Taqah. This is the place where you will find cemetery of Mazoon al-Mashani, the mother of Sultan Qaboos and identical marble gravestones of his uncle and a grandfather.

Stop at WadiDarbat

Continue the journey to WadiDarbat, natural park of acacia trees and Ain Razat gardens Offering majestic views of the lakes, mountains, caves, wildlife and waterfalls. It is a paradise for nature lovers and history enthusiasts.Close to the waterfall are many natural cave chambers with stalagmites and old stalactites.

Stop at Mirbat

Proceed to Mirbat coastal town in the Dhofar governorate. It is an ancient capital of Dhofar, which in the 9th century was famous for its market of incense, Arabian horses and slaves. In Mirbat there is a mausoleum of the prophet Bin Ali with a double domed structure. It was involved in the export of frankincense in ancient times trade and for breeding Arabian horses. You can visit port of Mirbat and walk along old houses of Mirbat.

Stop At: Sumhuram

Later continue the journey to KhorRori / Sumhuraman ancient village (in which, as it is believed, there are the ruins of the Palace of the Queen of Sheba), built in the I century AD. The ancient city had trade connections through the sea with the Far East, Egypt and Greece. The excavation of the site was carried out in 1996 and the significant archeological and architectural remains have been discovered.

It is one of the listed site of UNESCO world Heritage sites.

Meals included:
• Breakfast

Here the tour is ended, and you have an option, one to drop you at Salalah airport if you fly in the evening, or you can stay in Salalah and then drive back to Muscat.

12 days round trip gives you the opportunity to discover the top highlight sights in Oman, Dive deep in clean blue water pools in WadiBani Khalid and WadiShab, spend 1 night in the desert, and Cross the Range of Al Hajar mountain one of the best geological spots in the world, Visit Grand Canyon and Green Mountain, Visit Nizwa the, visit Salalah south of Oman. kindly read the itinerary for more details.

Places & Sights you'll visit: Nakhal Fort & hot spring WadiBaniAwf (BaladSayt), Jabal Shams (The Grand Canyon of Oman), Wadi Gul (Wadi Nakhar), Misaft Al Abreyeen (Al Hamra), Nizwa fort & Market, Jabal Akhdar (Green Mountain), Birkat Al Moz, Zukait tower tombs, Ibra, Al Mudhaireb, Wahiba Sands, WadiBani Khalid, Sur, Ras Al Hadd, Ras Al Jinz, WadiShab, Al Ashkhrah, Mahout, Ras Madrakah, Al Duqm, Al Jazir, Ash Shuwaymiyyah, Al Balid, Al Mugsail Beach, Job tomb, Al Hafah Market, Rub Al Khali, Al Shisr (Ubar), WadiDawkah (Frankincense garden), Taqah, Sumuhram, WadiDarbat, Mirbat

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Hotel accommodation inclusive of breakfast and dinner
01 Bottled water per day
Fuel surcharge, all the taxes
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International flights
Personal expenses
Oman Visa
Anything not mentioned in the inclusions

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